Suresh the Caller

Fortunes Told, Magic Worked, Items Procured.. Very good tea served


Suresh is a yellow eyed drow. He is about six feet tall. He has long white hair that he wears in a pony tail. He has thin white swirly tattoos on his face. His manner of dress is Victorian. He wears a white chamiese, red vest, black jacket, black tie, red gloves and black slacks. Atop his head is a black top hat. The top hat is adorned with a red ribbon and the personal house symbol of Suresh, a red eye with three red tears. Suresh wears a variety of bone earrings.

Chaiyah, Suresh’s indentured body guard, is a drow female with blue eyes. She is a little over five feet tall. She has waist long white hair that she wears in a braid. Her clothing was chosen for her by Suresh. She wears a black corset and breaches. She has a set of studded leather braisers. She has a series of knife sheathes on both of her legs, and her belt holds many alchemy bombs. Around her neck is a black choker with the house symbol of Suresh on it. When going out she wears an additional jacket that acts as studded leather armor.


Little is known of Suresh before he came to Onossilya. By the time he settled here he was an expert summoner. When he first came to town he brought with him his indentured body guard, Chaiyah, and a set of plans for his home. He was very picky about the location and builder of this place. Some believe that he has a tunnel to the underdark below his house, as the purchase deed for the property included vertical rights to “the center of the earth.” Suresh paid much for that height of land.
After the construction for his home, Suresh had his collection of books sent in from all the regions around the city. He also sent for his tea.

There are three things that Suresh trades in Favors, Magical items, and spells. Though he is not in the tea trading business it is rumored that he has the largest selection of tea in the city.

Suresh the Caller and Chaiyah are the intellectual property of the deviant art users of the same names. Many thanks to them for designing such awesome characters. No copy write infringement intended, just borrowing like any good writer.

Suresh the Caller

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