Dwarven District

Welcome to the Dwarven District

The dwarven councillor speaks for the dwarves who live in Onossilya. By living in Onossilya, loyalty to the councillor is assumed and disloyalty is punished severely. The dwarven councillor is Dwylin Hommirfisk. He is a direct descendant of the founding dwarven councillor of an unbroken father-to-son line.

The Dwarven District delves deep into the foothills of the Northern edge of Onossilya, crossing into the Elven District underground and into a warren of tunnels and mines that runs throughout the rockiest parts of the city. The dwarves have a certain level of above-ground presence to interact with the rest of the city’s population, especially to sell and trade.


Bernard’s Icebox – A housing district for snow elves and other arctic beings.

Bernard’s Sauna – A relaxation house built at the same time as the above.

Forge of Torag – Temple to the Dwarven god of creation.

Dwarven District

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