Elven District

Welcome to the Elven District

The elvish councillor speaks for both the full-blooded elves and the half-elves raised by their elvish parent. Half-elves are allowed to choose which lineage they prefer to claim when they reach an age of majority. Those who choose to be considered elves are expected to swear loyalty to the elvish councillor. The current elvish councillor is Ryssina Padrienia, daughter of the city’s founder. Councillorship descends to first-born, regardless of gender.

The Elven District is located in the Northern Region of Onossilya and has residences on ground-level and in the upper two levels of arboreal dwellings. It contains many shops of magical and alchemical persuasion as well as being the home of the Elven Magical Academy.


College of Onossilya, Elven District – An establishment of higher learning, it mostly focuses on the academic side of magic.

The Magic Temple – A place of worship for the followers of Nethys.

Elven District

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