Onossilya: All People Together

Over a thousand years ago, Ceindaril Padrienia awoke from a profound vision that became his passion and his obsession. For many years, the elf had watched his brothers and half-brothers, sisters and half-sister and distant cousins squabbling and unable to live together in peace. He saw elves and humans, half-elves and orcs, dwarves and gnomes as all branches of a vast family tree and he set out to make a place where he could hold the grandest family reunion ever seen in the history of the world.

Ceindaril wandered the world for nearly a century, bringing together like-minded members of all the varied races. Eventually, they carved out together a city-state like no other. Positioned in a prime trading location where the curve of the Silver River cuts down out of the Drossil Mountains and darts deep into the Schlevarin Forest, Onossilya offered favored terrain to each of its primary racial members.

The Dwarves settled deep in the belly of the mountains. They agreed to help forge the ironworks to support the city on the banks of the river as well as delving deep to carve out sewers and catacombs.

The Elves designed and built the arboreal homes for any who wished to live above the ground and among the trees. They also graced the city with a system of magic street lamps and warding spells to assist the guards.

The Gnomes tended the wild forests, acting as negotiators and shepherds to smooth the city’s footprint on the surrounding lands. They still mind the natural gardens and monitor the farming and fishing activities, wardening the wilds.

The Humans provided structured guards and military strategy in city planning. They built the ground-based homes and paved the streets, focusing on the structure of the city and how best to navigate it.

The Orcs and Half-orcs bent their backs and lent their brethren their great strength in hauling and lifting the great stones of the buildings into place. They explored the deeps after the Dwarves had completed the sewers and they guard the deep places still.

Onossilya could not have been completed without the varied help of the many other races: kitsune and tieflings, aasimar and oreads, changelings and mogs, pixies and catfolk. All had their parts to play in settling this great city-state and they continue to live, work and play here.


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