Missile Academy

A ten story tower that trains people in the use of missile weapons. Run by the Ministry of Justice. If a person wished to train here, they must either be a member of the city guard, or sign in as a civilian. Civilians wishing to train, must undergo a background check, and a psychological examination. These can be done magically or non-magically as the applicant desires. The applicant covers the expenses either way. If the civilian passes these tests, then they are permitted to pay for classes in the use of missile weapons. As teachers are not always in, the students are given a date and time when their class will be held. The floors are divided by subject and teacher as listed below. Trasportation between the floors is accomplished by use of a steam lift, of a magic floating cart. Additionally there is a spiral stair case that goes up through all the floors.

G – Welcoming and administration

1 – Crossbows – Gavin of the Guard

2 – Normal bows – Officer Arjuna Rothschild (husband of below)

3 – Javelins, spears, tridents, ect. – Constable Constintine

4 – Knives, ninja stars – Madame Kurtlas

5 – Catapult, jettison – rotationary staff of city guardsmen and women

6 – Ballista – Guardsmen GĂșnair

7 – Guns – Detective Bettina Rothschild (wife of above)

7 – Bombards, canons – Wayne Foddermaker

9 – Practice range

Missile Academy

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