Welcome to Onossilya

Onossilya was the brainchild of Ceindaril Padrienia, an elven visionary who brought together important people of all races to create a city where all could live together in peace and harmony. For the most part, this goal was successful and the city has flourished into a city-state of immense diversity and cultural exchange.

Upon entering the city, all long-term visitors must first visit one of the six city Consulates to register their presence and intentions in the city. If planning to live permanently in Onossilya, new residents must also undergo formal oath-swearing to the Consulate of their choice before being allowed to purchase property or rent long-term.

Consulate Offices:
Elven District: Represents full-blooded elves and half-elves who wish to cleave to their elven parentage.
Human District: Represents full-blooded humans and any individuals of blended heritage who wish to swear to a human way of life.
Dwarven District: Represents dwarves.
Gnomish District: Represents gnomes and any individuals of fairy or fey blood who wish to swear to a gnomish way of life.
Halfing District: -Currently Closed-
Orcish District: Represents orcs, half-orcs and any under-dwelling individuals who wish to swear loyalty to the Orcish Counsel.
Public District: Represents all races without other representation, as well as representing the interests of non-sworn and temporary visitors.

Notes: Races commonly found in Onossilya and their usual political affiliation.


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