Human District

Welcome to the Human District

The human councillor speaks for the humans and any individuals of blended race (tieflings and aasimar, descendants of elementals, etc) who are willing to swear loyalty to the human councillor. The current human councillor is Marcus VanSky, who carries blood of the original human councillor to Onossilya; the line is tangled and Marcus’s branch is that of a cousin. Councillorship descends to sons, preferencing first born.

The Human District overlaps with the Western regions of the Elven District and runs on both sides of the river. The human residences are primarily on ground-level, though some of the half-elves prefer to live in upper levels or in elven-built arboreal homes. The markets of the Human District are diverse and varied throughout the area, though the area is also known for a slightly elevated criminal presence and the Brotherhood of Owls is particularly active here.


Church of Onyssilia – a place of worship for those who follow the Christian deity.

Companions’ Guildhall – The headquarters for the Companions’ Guild. The prostitution employ is regulated here.

Elle’s Companions – An upper class brothel and escort service.

Heaven’s Nest – The HQ for the Steam Angels.

Madam Dumas Dance Studio – A Dance Studio that offers lessons to those willing to pay.

Murphy’s Labs – Freelance research and development group.

Ministry of Justice – The administration building for the law enforcement of the Human District

Missile Academy – A training facility in the use of any and all projectile weapons.

River Ports – Used for the transportation of living and non-living cargo.

The Sphinx’s – An obscure little magic shop in the market area.

Trivial Tower – the headquarters for the Traveler’s Trivia monthly magazine publication

Human District

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