Law Keepers Guild

Do to the diversity, massive size, and transient nature of many of it’s inhabitants, the Public District has set up a network of watchers, codifiers, and bounty hunters. With this network of people, known as the Law Keepers Guild,monitors and deals with criminal activity in the public district.

Watchers are the observers and private detectives. They observe suspicious activity activity and report it to the codifiers. If the information leads to an arrest the watcher will receive a cut of the pay out. If two watchers report an act that results in an arrest, then they split the watcher’s cut. If more, then the cut is split evenly between them all. The racial diversity of the watchers allows for more thorough descriptions of suspicious people. Where a Filidean might just identify someone as a Kitsune, a Kitsune could identify the same person as, “a silver Kitsune with vertical line markings on his face, and a white spot of hair on the center of his back.” Becoming a watcher is a simple task. The person in question needs to simply go to the Codex of Reality, and register with the codifiers. From that time on they need only report their findings on a weekly bases. Information more than a week old may be reported, but will not be rewarded, if the arrest occurs before the information is given in.

Codifiers are the only full time payed employees of the Law Keepers Guild. Codifiers take the information collected by watchers, and assimilate it. From this assimilated picture, codifiers determine the proper course of action. If the information is found to be non-criminal in substance it will be stored in the Codex for future reference. In some cases they will hire a watcher to obtain more information on a subject. In this case the watcher is payed an hourly fee. When it is determined that an arrest is to be made, the codifiers issue a warrant and places it in the Codex’s front office. To become a codifier the person in question must undergo an extensive investigation. If the investigation reports no criminal activity than the person is made a Rank 1 codifier. At this rank the codifier is apprenticed to a higher rank. Though years of service the codifier reaches higher ranks. More information on the ranks can be found at the Codex of Reality.
Bounty hunters do exactly what you’d expect. When an arrest warrants put up in the front office of the Codex, the bounty hunter signs up to track him down. In order to participate in an arrest, hunters must sign up for it. Failure to do so will the get the hunter arrested for vigilantyism. In Some cases another hunter will voudge for the hunter in question, however the hunter in question will not receive a cut of the bounty. After taking a warrant, The bounty hunter revives the conditions of payment for the bounty and all data available on the target. The conditions of payment list how the arrest must be conducted, if the target must be dead or alive and other criteria. The information given to the bounty hunter can is updated as watchers find out more, for this reason it is advise able for the bounty hunter to check back in every so often. Two or more bounty hunters can take the same job, but they will be required to work together. Failed to do so will get a hunter removed from the bounty. All bounty hunters working in the public district must register at the Codex. If a bounty hunter failed to do so and practices his art in the public district, he will be charged with vigilantyism. A large reward sum will be listed on his arrest warrant.

Arrests Warrants
An arrest warrants contain five pieces of information the subject’s name, description, name of crime, the value of bounty, and the location of the Codex where the bounty can be accepted.
The subject’s name is the full name and any known aliases.
The description will be about four lines describing the subject’s physical appearance. Often a picture is included.
The name of the crime is just the crime(s) committed. It will not have the exact nature of the crime listed.
The value of the bounty is veritable by crime(s) and the nature of the criminal (level and race of criminal) the listed bounty is split evenly between all bounty hunters involved. One quarter again of the bounty is divided to watchers who collected information for the case.
The location of the Codex is stated in case the warrant is stationed outside the Codex office.

Law Keepers Guild

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