Notable People

Some of the notable people of Onossilya by region:

Elven District:
Ryssina Padriena: current Elven Councillor
Aella Padriena: notable courtier
Isalu Thilose: notable courtier
Zenadia Thilose: notable courtier, a half-elf
Ryan: local potion shop owner
Yamima: Ryan’s sister, a half-elf

Human District:
Marcus VanSky: current Human Councillor
Polymnia VanSky: notable courtier, Marcus’s daughter
Rhea Betoren: notable courtier
Festus Patera: freelance guardsman, a half-elf
Drudius Calix: owner of an alchemist shop
Milia Calix: Drudius’s wife
Lyko Vorare: well-known thief
Lara Ava Patera: schoolgirl
Hildius Calix: bard
Charity Brooks: local resident
Sylvia Darling: local resident
Sarah Feyre: local resident

Dwarven District:
Dwylin Hommirfisk: current Dwarven Councillor

Gnomish District:
Dulu Vani: current Gnomish co-Councillor
Seevini Vani: current Gnomish co-Councillor
Vibius Song: local resident, known for being strange (even by gnomish standards)
Nereus Song: local resident
Maarja Song: local bard

Orcish District:
Vrakkil the Wartorn: current Orcish Councillor

Public District:
Haram Paru: current Public Councillor, a kitsune
Maya Hayashi: notable courtier, a kitsune
Hagne Hayashi: bartender, a kitsune
Priya Reva: curious wanderer, a dragonborn

Notable People

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