Orcish District

Welcome to the Orcish District

The orcish councillor speaks for orcs and half-orcs living in all levels of Onossilya’s multi-level structures, as well as for any subterranean or dark-dwelling creatures willing to swear loyalty to the orcish councillor. The current orcish councillor is Vrakkil the Wartorn; he earned his position by killing the previous councillor in a public combat challenge. Councillorship will descend to his son, but only if his son has killed him OR to any other public challenger to kill him. Public challenges, by Onossilya law, are always held in a specific chamber of the council hall and any orcish councillor’s death outside this chamber will result in a democratic public vote among the councillorship’s sworn subjects.

The Orcish District borders the Human District and the Gnomish District to the South and delves into the deeps under the city. In some areas, the Orcish District and the Dwarven District overlap and result in discomfort and occasional conflict. This district is also particularly known for violence and crime, as well as being the primary home of the Brotherhood of Owls. While the violence is more common, the Orcish Guards are also particularly cruel in their punishments when criminals are apprehended.


Auto-Goblin – A personal mechanic’s shop for steam powered equipment.

Green Ladies’ – A house of pleasures for the Goblinian sud-races.

Liaison of the Orichelm – The political base for an orc sophistication movement.

Temple of Lolth – A place of worship for the followers of Lolth.

The House of the Caller – Home of Suresh the Caller.

The Smoking Feather – An unsavory and shady bar.

Clockwerk – A clockwork and steam powered item shop.

Orcish District

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