Public District

Welcome to the Public District

All other races (kitsune, catfolk, giantfolk, other planar visitors or residents) are represented by a publicly elected official known as the Public Councillor. Elections are held every four years and Public Councillors are limited to two consecutive terms, though they are allowed to run for additional terms after someone else has held the position. If the Public Councillor dies in office, his eldest son or daughter will maintain the position until an emergency vote can be held. All members of races not represented on the council otherwise, plus any members of other races who have not sworn loyalty to another councillor are eligible to run for Public Councillor and may vote in elections. The current Public Councillor is Haram Paru, a kitsune who has won the popular vote in two previous elections, allowed someone else to run for three more terms, then ran again and won.

The Public District spreads across the Southern and Western regions of the city, overlapping into almost every region that will tolerate the bleed-through. The races represented by the Public Counselor live wherever they can find acceptance and sometimes find homes in the strangest places.


Chronomancer’s Tower – The base for The Order. A well guarded one story building.

College of Onossilya, Public District – A place of higher learning. focuses equally on magic and technology.

Contour Couture – A specialty dress shop run by a succubus who went stag.

Codex of Reality – The guild hall for the Law Keepers Guild.

Force Enclave – The temple of the adherents of the Force.

Library of Lies – The most inaccurate library in the city. Adjacent to Chronomancer’s Tower.

Lizard Lounge – A social club that caters primarily to reptilian humanoids.

Miss Kitty’s Cat House – A brothel that caters to those that prefer Catfolk

Sky Tower – An observatory whose top rests above the clouds.

Skyport – A port for space fairing vessels.

The Arena – A very large public entertainment venue.

The Tavern of Many Dark Corners – A pub and well known hang out for adventurers.

Train stations – A fast traveling system for the masses.

Wolf Wears – An adventure equipment outpost. They specialize in custom clothing.

Public District

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